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São Paulo

Beautiful, wealthy, intellectual, democratic, lively, sporty, cultural, sentimental, romantic, modern, earnest, extrovert, professional. After all, what would define São Paulo? No adjective could possibly decipher and describe what exactly represents one of the mega-cities of the world. A painstaking melting pot designed by multi-nationalities, cultures, creeds, developments and ideals, the big “bandeirante” metropolis. is truly cosmopolitan, by vocation and adoption. It is Italian, German, Jewish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, Arab, Spanish, Latin, Brazilian, “paulistana”. These and so many other features are imprinted in the architecture of the buildings, in the streets, in the sophisticated taste of its gastronomy and in the way people dress and behave, those never stopping people who courageously build the city’s history day after day. 

The grandeur of São Paulo can be rendered in many ways. We can start by saying that the city houses Latin America’s largest number of hotel units, the country’s biggest and best-equipped hospital and healthcare centers, besides it is acknowledged as Brazil’s major cultural hub. It is also one of the world’s gastronomy capitals, a standing destination for large, internationally recognized events, fairs and exhibitions and is home to scholar centers and highly ranked research centers among many other references. The capital of São Paulo is one of the few places able to combine harmoniously contemporary and past worlds. Over the centuries it was the witness to noteworthy historic events - from the echoing cry proclaiming Brazil’s Independence on the banks of the River Ipiranga, to political and cultural revolutions, and giant public protests in favor of democracy. There are hundreds of cinemas, museums, theaters, historic-cultural heritage sites, parks, show houses, clubs, theme parks, restaurants, bars, hotels, venues for events and trade fairs, shopping centers, streets featuring specialty shops, and many more attractions. It is a proven fact that São Paulo never stops. 

Every year, about 7.5 million visitors come to the city to leverage business or bolster professional contacts, go shopping or enjoy a cultural program that is always attuned to what happens in the world. Being in São Paulo is to experience a metropolis around the clock, with a lifestyle that combines work and leisure as if they were the two faces of the same coin. Capital of a State which is the size of the United Kingdom, with a population close to that of Spain, generating virtually half of Brazil’s economy and ranking among the ten largest cities in the world, São Paulo has also become the country’s prime tourist destination. 

São Paulo is a major international hub, connected to the major cities throughout the world. Frequent daily service is available to all over Brazil. In addition to this, there is a shuttle service connecting São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, between the downtown airports of Congonhas and Santos Dumont airport in Rio.


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