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Iguassu Falls

The name Iguassu means "big water" in Tupi-Gurani (a native Brazilian language), and designates one of the greatest waterfalls in the world. They are 275 distinct falls that plunge from varying heights over a two-and-a-half miles crest. Iguaçu Falls is the largest in the world in water volume.


The setting itself is idyllic, as the falls are in the center of a national park with trails and footpaths providing spectacular vantage points and settings.


The variety of excellent hotels and restaurants is so wide that you may have difficulty deciding where to stay and where to have your meals. Another advantage of Iguaçu Falls is its location on the border among Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Therefore, in a couple of days, you can spend time in these three different countries.

Marco das Três Fronteiras
Templo Budista
Marco das Três fronteiras
Iguaçu Falls
Bird Park

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