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Vista Chinesa

The Chinese View is a viewpoint in a Chinese style located in the Alto da Boa vista in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is an important tourist spot of the city. The monument is located in the Tijuca Forest.

Urca Beach

Urca is a traditional and wealthy residential neighborhood with Nearly 7,000 inhabitants (2000 census) in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil . Although most of the neighborhood dates from the 1920s , parts of it are much older . What is now called the Forte São João , a military base at the foot of the Sugarloaf Mountain , is where the first Portuguese settlement in Rio was founded by Estacio de Sá on March 1 , 1565. The French had arrived a 12 years earlier and founded a settlement , called France Antarctique , close to what is now Flamengo and Gloria districts , in downtown Rio  the French , riven by internal disputes between Catholics and Protestants ,  were massacred by the Portuguese and Indian Their Organised allies in attacks from here , expelling Them from the nearby Villegagnon Island ( named after the French commander Nicolas Durand de Villegaignon ) . the street now called Rua São Sebastião , in Urca , Which leads from behind the fort to the Urca casino , was originally a trail from the Portuguese fort skirting the edge of the sea to the mainland along the peninsula que houses the Sugar Loaf and a smaller hill , the Morro da Urca . Rua São Sebastião Thus has some claim to be the oldest street in Rio.

Twin Brother's Mountain Municipal Park

The Park, under the Municipal Department of the Environment Administration, contains remnants of the Atlantic Rainforest with around 80,000 shoots of regional trees, covering an area fo 39ha

Tijuca National Park

The National Park  is considered to be one of the biggest urban parks in the word, it occupies an area of 3,300ha. The park offers carius leisure attractions as well as for the cultural and ecological tourism.

Sugar Loaf

It is unquestionable   the beauty and location of the Sugar Loaf. Access to the Urca Hill is by the first leg of the cable-car, traveling some 575 meters from Praia Vermelha  to a height  of 220 meters above sea level, with a beautiful view  over Botafogo and the Guanabara Bay.  The second stage of the cabel-car covers 750 meters to the top of Sugar Loaf, at a height of 396.

Selarón Stairway

The Selarón stairway is located at Lapa, in the end of Teotonio Regadas street; the staircase receives a mosaic predominantly in the colors of Brazil by the writer, painter, George Selarón, from Chile but Brazilian by heart. The result is amazing, many colors, shapes and creativity. Were used over two thousand tiles with the colors of the Brazilian flag in steps 215 and 125 meters from the ladder. In 2005 the staircase was declared heritage and Selarón received the title of honorary citizen of Rio de Janeiro.

Sítio Burlemax

The home of word-famous landscape designer Roberto Burle MArx from 1949 throught 1994, this estate covers 350,000 square meers, with thousands of plant species.


Learn everything here about the Sambodromo, the venue of the Carnival Samba Parade of Rio de Janeiro. The Rio Sambodromo is sometimes also referred to in English as the Sambadromo or Sambodrome.


Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

The Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is one of Rio de Janeiro's most popular attractions for visitors and locals alike. The area surrounding the lagoon is ideal for walking, jogging and bicycling, and rowing clubs and other private organizations have made their home base around the water's edge. Guests can enjoy viewing the various species of both domestic and exotic waterfowl that live in the lagoon year-round. During the holiday season, visitors arrive from far and wide to see the gigantic Christmas tree that is erected on a floating platform which drifts on top of the lagoon. In addition to many quality restaurants, numerous food kiosks are scattered around the area offering a wide variety of cuisines from Arab and Asian dishes, to authentic Mexican tortillas and tacos. The lagoon has also been selected as the host site for the 2016 Summer Olympics rowing events. An attraction with something for everyone, the lagoon is located at Avenida Epitacio Pessoa, Rio de Janeiro.

Quinta da Boa Vista

Once the home of the Royal Family  during the Brazilian Empire, this magnificent park was declared a National Artistic and Historical Heritage Site in 1938. It still today preserves the caracteristics of the original design by  French landscape designer August MArie Glaziou, and has aso been declared an Environmental Conservation Unit. It currently houses the National Museum.

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