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Maceió is the capital city of approximately 800 thousand inhabitants. This is an ocean-color city, which differs from all others due to its variety of shades, ranging from deep blue to green waters. You can expect to be warmly welcome by the people from Maceió, that are always eager to help tourists to enjoy the city.

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En Route to the north coastline of Alagoas, located 22 km away from the city of Maceió, we find Ipioca, Where Marechal Floriano Peixoto was born, he was second president of the Republic. In middle part of the 13th century, during the Dutch Invasion, Ipioca served as a center of observation, as it was situated in a strategic point, with panoramic sight of the sea. The Church of Our Lady of the Ó originated from a fortress, built by the Portuguese. The beach of ipioca is one of the most beaut... Read more
Our tour leaves towards to the south coastline of the State of Alagoas at about 103 Km away from the city of Maceió, along the way we will visit the first peaces of land that were visited by Dom Pero Vaz de Caminha and were described in his letters to the King of Portugal, we will also visit the town of Pontal do Coruripe, with its magnificent landscape is of long segments of empty sand, reefs of coral, natural aquariums and lagoons. The road the leads us to the coast is surrounded by beautifu... Read more
Our tour leaves towards the town of Barra de São Miguel Beach, located near Maceió where we will board a boat that will take us on a ride around the “do Roteiro” lake sailing through barriers of natural reefs that separate the lake from the sea. We make a stop at this point for a swim in the ocean and sun bathing at the Gunga beach, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. On our way back we stop in the neighborhood of “Pontal da Barra” known as town of the tenant farmers w... Read more
With an excellent tourist infrastructure and, located 70 km away from the city Maceió, the village of Duas Barrras is well known for being the perfect scenario to observe the spectacular meeting of the de Jequiá Lake with the Atlantic Ocean. A boat ride across the private complex of Dunes of Marape is part of this awesome tour. Free time to swim in the ocean, at the beautiful and practically exclusive local beach with green calms waters, an irresistible invitation to a dive, this invitatio... Read more
Our tour starts with a drive to the beaches of the north coastline, passing through Jacarecica, Guaxuma, Heron, Garça-Torta, Richo Doce, Ipioca and Paripueira. Here we make stop for a swim in the ocean where is also located the headquarters of the project of preservation of the local manatees, where the landscape and peacefulness of the place overwhelms every visitor. We have lunch at the Mar e Cia restaurant, (not included). Depending on the conditions of the Tide we be able to offer some o... Read more
Our city tour starts with a drive around the main tourist and historic points of Maceió, passing through the coastline, center of the city and The Metropolitan Cathedral. We then stop for a picture opportunity in the lookout of Saint Gonçalo (the highest point of Maceió). Our tour then continues to the south zone, passing through the neighborhoods of the Prado, Trapiche da Barrar followed by a visit to the Pontal da Barra, a famous center of workmanship, where the prettiest works of art made... Read more
Da Barriga Mountain, main stage of the famous Quilombo dos Palmares, declared today Historical Patrimony of Brazil, is located about 6 km of the headquarters of the present town of União dos Palmares. Being the hometown of Jorge of Lima, the prince of the of Alagoas poets, this city dedicates a museum called Casa de Jorge de Lima to his memory. After a city tour in the city of União dos Palmares, we continue in the direction of Da Barriga Mountain where do we will find Quilombo dos Palmares ... Read more
Our tour starts with a drive to the beautiful beaches of the south coastline, located in neighboring towns of Barra de São Miguel and Marechal Deodoro. We stop of a swim in the ocean and sunbathing in the internationally famous “Do Fraçes” Beach, where small tents set out on the beach offer a variety of seafood snacks and typical drinks of the region (not include). The beach is formed on the left side by a barrier of natural reefs, looking like a swimming pool of warm and clear waters and t... Read more
Our tour begins with a transfer to Pontal da Barra boat dock where we board a schooner type boat for a ride through the main islands of the Mundau Lake, following our boat ride take us to the meeting of the waters where the lake meets the sea. We return to the neighborhood of the Pontal da Barra with enough time to tour around the fishermen village, which has as the main source of income fishing and the making of handcrafts. Read more
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